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Elmass technology offers many advantages that eliminate common problems such as misalignment of the keyway as well as vibration or deflection of the tool bar which are associated with conventional broaching and slotting machines.


Our vertical broaching machines are sold in a 2 axis or 3 axis configuration. The machines are built on a modular concept that allows them to be adapted to specific applications.

Our Machines


Our guided broaches are self-centering and force the cutter to be in a 90 degree angle to the bore. The eccentric guide bush inhibits any deflection of the tool bar.

Our Tools


We carry a wide range of standard tools to broach keyway and splines. Not frequently used shapes and sizes can be made to order within a few days.

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We are a highly specialized engineering workshop. Discover our different products (machines & tools) and parts.

Our Products

1 keyway = 1 minute

Don’t hesitate to ask for a demo without any obligation.
We can come to your workshop, discuss technical issues and broach a keyway to compare times.

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